Inadequate Infrastructure Hinders Universal Access To ICTS

The Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Dr Tatenda Mavetera has bemoaned inadequate infrastructure which she said was hindering universal access to ICTs.
Dr Mavetera who was the keynote speaker during the African Telecommunications ICT Day in Harare said that such a challenge can only be eradicated by utilizing infrastructure sharing.
‘’ The first challenge to universal access is the lack of adequate infrastructure. Many regions, particularly in developing countries, suffer from limited or unreliable internet connectivity due to the absence of proper infrastructure. This hampers individuals’ ability to utilize ICTs effectively and limits their participation in the digital revolution. To overcome this hurdle, it is essential to focus on infrastructure-sharing initiatives,’ she said.
Dr Mavetera also called for a robust strategy to ensure that ICTs are affordable and accessible to everyone.
 Many marginalized individuals may not have the means or affordability to own smartphones or other advanced devices necessary for accessing digital platforms effectively.
‘’Therefore, it becomes necessary for governments and other stakeholders involved in promoting inclusivity within the digital revolution to devise strategies that ensure individuals have affordable and accessible smart devices,’’ she added.
The concept of infrastructure sharing by mobile companies is still developing in Africa but has gained traction in Europe. MNOs in Zimbabwe reached a consensus on infrastructure sharing last year following years of intense negotiations.
Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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