Imagine a computer that “Feels, Smells and Senses”

By Toneo Rutsito

Imagine your computer telling you dress up coz its too cold, or maybe reminding you that your food in the kitchen is burning or quizing you about your bad mood of the day.

Thats not practical!, thats what i said too but IBM thinks this is practical in only the next 5 years.

They have a histroy of  proving things right in their prediction over a 5 year period so if thats the trend you may as well start thinking twice.

Yesterday we gave you the IBM story that its returning  to Zimbabwe, among other notable achievements, we highlighted the “5 in 5” project they are currently doing.

This among others predicts that in the next 5 years computers will be able to feel, smell ,sense and using our exact human sense to achieve much more goals.

This goes against the propping of artificial intelligence with some views being too critical against such moves and for developing countries in Africa, Zimbabwe included this  will likely be seen as a threat to human labour and job security by many  although previously that mindset was proved wrong

For the past several years, IBM’s research arm has been making predictions about emerging technologies that will change our lives over the next five years. Dubbed “5 in 5,” the annual year-end list has already accurately predicted the rise of now-familiar cultural touchstones like Siri as well  as our reliance on smartphones for everything, and real-time speech translation.

This year, IBM has taken a more in-your-face approach to predicting the future of innovation, by specifically focusing on, well, the face and the five senses that make their home there (and yes, hands and everywhere else in the case of touch).

According to Cnet in 5years time by 2017, we’ll be able to touch things and feel their virtual surfaces through our devices; get diet help from digital taste buds; give our computers their own sense of smell; and get new help in the sight and hearing departments as well. Collectively, IBM calls it cognitive computing.

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