Im Not Paid $43 000 says Netone Boss

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Netone has been blaming lack of investment as one of their major setback hampering their growth and we got concerned about such an excuse at the backdrop that their boss is taking home a whooping $43 000 monthly salary.

During the currently on going Huawei roadshow, TechnoMag managed to catchup with Netone`s Managing director MR Reward Kangai where we spoke on Netone`s come back strategy and their strategic partnership with Huawei.

Amongst many insightful facts he divulged during the interview , Netone`s boss spoke in length on how they are poised for growth as they have been finally cleared to access funds for their network upgrade with Huawei.

He had bemoaned financial challenges and lack of investments as a major set back stifling the growth of the state owned operator.

I then asked Mr Kangai how Netone could be going under such serious financial constraints while he was taking home a whooping monthly salary of over $43 000.

Mr Kangai refuted the claims and said he was only taking home a paltry $6 000 and he was shocked to see his name being found on the salary gate list. These are claims he says his payslip can easily reflect and described the report to be malicious.

Here is more on our one on one interview with Netone Boss, Mr Reward Kangai.

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