ICT Policy in First Cabinet Appearance!

The draft ICT policy had its first hearing by the cabinet  committee on legislation yesterday, signaling the dawn of real progress after more than 9 years  of consultative ,processes and reviews which began from the Nelson Chamisa era.

Speaking during the ICT suppliers Association of Zimbabwe  Annual General   Meeting (AGM) yesterday,  the Deputy minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services, Hon Win Mlambo said the policy review has started well and was expecting an expeditious process.

 ” Today ,the Draft National ICT  policy had its  first hearing by the  Cabinet Committee on Legislation,and hopefully will be approved  by Cabinet shortly.Layman’s Drafts of three related Bills in the area of Data Protection ,Computer and Cybercrime  and Electronic Transactions are in place, “

Deputy Minister of ICT W. Mlambo and Perm Sec Eng Kundishora

Deputy Minister of ICT W. Mlambo
and Perm Sec Eng Kundishora

The minister also added that  they were currently working on cyber security in the country, “Another matter we are currently  seized with is Cyber Security .With the growing volume and sophistication of cyber -attacks,ongoing attention is required  to protect sensitive business and personal information ,ameliorate financial hemorrhage as well as safeguard national security,”

He conclude his speech by emphasizing  that the Ministry of ICT,Postal and Courier Services  has a set vision  to turn Zimbabwe into “A knowledge based society with ubiquitous connectivity by 2020” which they have been ,and will continue  working on tirelessly  to achieve.


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