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ICT Perm Sec Ignores Presidential Appointed Board Member.

The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Engineer Dr. Sam Kundishora has nullified a presidential pronouncement by Kazembe Kazembe that brought Douglas Mamvura to the NetOne Board.

Mamvura was one of the state-owned company’s board members who was dully appointed by the then ICT Minister Kazembe Kazembe, and yet he never served, neither was he ever invited to the board meetings.

All the board members including Mamvura were approved by the president that is according to Public Entities Corporate Governance Act part 3 article 9.

“In appointing or terminating the appointment of any member of the board of a public entity, the line Minister concerned must notify the President of his or her intention to make such appointment or effect such termination, and must not act on such intention without the prior endorsement of the President.”

But in a shocking move, the line ministry’s permanent secretary Kundishora said that the appointment of Douglas Mamvura is of no effect and he does acknowledge it.

In his recent comment captured in the Herald, Engineer Dr. Kundishora suggested that Mr Mamvura’s status was null and void, neither was the board appraised of such a development.

“This serves to confirm that at no stage did the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services advise NetOne Cellular Private Limited nor the company’s board of directors that Mr Douglas Mamvura had been appointed to the board of directors of NetOne.”

said the PS in the Herald.

The permanent secretary seems to be denying the fact that NetOne board and the secretary was appraised of the development, but he does not deny knowledge of the appointment, but lack of communication to the intended recipients, which the ministry must have ordinarily done.

The same Permanent Secretary however is reported to be the one who initiated the process that recommended Mamvura to NetOne board before the minister signed it off.

Interestingly, contradictory to Kundishora’s comments, TechnoMag has a formal letter of Douglas Mamvura’s appointment as NetOne board member.

See attached letter…

When asked to confirm the authenticity of the letter above, Former ICT Minister and now Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Hon Kazembe Kazembe confirmed the authenticity of the letter.

Mamvura was appointed in the last days of Kazembe Kazembe as ICT minister on the 18th of October although his letter was dated and stamped on the 29th.

Cabinet was reshuffled on the 8th of November but still it remains unclear why and how the ministry continuously denies knowledge of the appointment, or better off found it necessary not to inform the NetOne board .

Sources however within some disgruntled and resigned NetOne board stated that they were all informed about the appointment of Mamvura who once attended a single board meeting before he was whisked away.

The permanent secretary did not respond neither was he picking up his call when we sent him the inquiry to help us shed light on the matter.

The matter however now is entangling other board members who are now being arraigned before courts for perjury charges.

Two of the remaining board members, Mrs Susan Mutangadura and Mr Ranga Mavhunga are facing perjury charges after they stated that Mr Mamvura was not a member of the board.

Police spokesperson assistant commissioner Paul Themba Nyathi said that Susan Mutangadura is yet to appear before them and they are keen to interview her.

The statement from the PS might then have been designed to clear off the board members from the alleged crime of lying under oath when they professed ignorance of the appointment.

One of the board members has already appeared before courts and released out of custody on $10 000 bail .

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