ICT Minister says online content creators and consumers’ safety is guaranteed


Jenfan Muswere, the Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Friday reacted on a very controversial topic after he told a gathering in Mashonaland Central that safety and security of digital tools users is guaranteed.

His comment, made during the commissioning of St Albert’s Village Information Centre comes at a time the disputed Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill is awaiting presidential assent.

The bill that has been criticised by several opposing voices particularly the media
is now very close to becoming law, after it went through Parliament last month.

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Online Content Creators, Content Creators Network of Zimbabwe, Internet Society of Zimbabwe, Media Alliance of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe NGO Forum, Zimbabwe, Human Rights Association, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights amongst many other players nudged for the recomittal of the Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill in the Senate.

They recommended that the Bill be disintegrated into three separate laws on Cyber Security, Electronic Transactions and Data Protection.

However, Muswere said users should not worry about their safety and security when using digital platforms.

” Ladies and gentlemen, as we deploy ICT infrastructure throughout the country, let me reiterate the need to ensure that the safety and security of users is guaranteed. As I always say, building and maintaining user trust is paramount to the success of the digital economy. Users want assurances that they will be safe, and their personal data will be protected whilst they are transacting in cyberspace,” he said adding that he pleased the bill is very close to becoming law.

“The main purpose of this Bill is to consolidate cyber related offences and provide for data protection with due regard to the Declaration of Rights under our Constitution and the protection of the public and national interest,” he added.

“I would like to thank all those who took time to participate in the Public Consultation process that was conducted by Parliament on this Bill last year,” Muswere said.

He then went on to implore the local community “to use the internet responsibly, for your own good, as technology has its own negative impacts.”

Meanwhile, the Minister urged the Jogo Village under St Albert’s to fully utilise the newly commissioned Containerised Village Information Centre to improve their digital literacy skills.

” Ladies and gentlemen, let me conclude by urging the local community of St Alberts and surrounding areas, to make full use of the facilities we are commissioning here today to uplift your lives.”

Kudzai Madziva

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