ICT Minister Launches ICT Labs In Harare Province


Minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services Jenfan Muswere has launched ICT Labs per school project.

Addressing the media at the commissioning of the ICT Labs in Harare Metropolitan Province Muswere said the commissioning of the ICT Labs is in line with the National Development Strategy 1 that was launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“I am delighted to welcome you all to this commissioning ceremony of the ICT labs for schools in Harare Metropolitan Province. The ICT lab per school project is one of the key projects which we are undertaking in our journey to become a digital economy. The digital economy is a national priority as espoused in the National Development Strategy 1 which was launched by His Excellency, the President last year.

“Let me remind you that the major mission of these ICT labs with respect to ICTs in education are a means to an end, an end which recognizes learning with ICTs resulting in a literate Zimbabwe, an educated Zimbabwe. The mission is to develop ICT to a level such that it will serve as backbone of teaching, curriculum development, innovation, research, administration, and service.

“The past decades have seen our country increasingly hungering and acknowledging the importance of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). As evidence of this, Zimbabwe ‘s literacy level has been ranked number 1 on numerous occasions hence commissioning of these ICT labs will see immense progress taking place in the community,” said Muswere.
He added that the commissioning of the ICT Labs will bridge the digital divide in many societies.

“It is heart-warming, Ladies and Gentlemen to note that the problems of scarce reading and teaching materials and the presence of a digital divide that has been imminent in many societies will soon fade away.

“Our efforts, therefore, are not in vain as it is now possible for the pupils to interact in real time, to build on their digital literacy and learn to use ICT infrastructure through the use of these ICT facilities.

“Through the ICT labs, students develop questioning skills and become creative and critical thinkers, they become active seekers and users of information. Pupils become competent constructors of knowledge by using the ICT lab and its resources to find information that help solve problems and develop an understanding of the world and the “worlds” beyond their immediate experiences.


“Pupils and educators learn to discriminate useful and valid information relevant to their tasks and most simply, children nurture their fondness towards their imaginations. I am sure therefore, that the pupils and school authorities here will make the best use of the equipment and resources that have been placed well within their grasps today,” he said.

Muswere added that this move of commissioning the ICT Labs marks an important benchmark in the growth of the nation.

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