iCloud Hacked, Nude Celebs Pictures Go Viral


To those of you who might have been posting conversations , pics and videos that might have obscenity or nudity, I think you have to think twice now . The tech giant Apple has been hacked by a syndicate which is targeting celebrity in the United States, one of the popular CELEBRITIES who fell victim were Jenifer Lawrence the Hunger Games and X-Men actress, Kirsten Dunst, and pop star Ariana Grande.

There has been a large number of famous actors and musicians who have had their accounts hacked and photos posted on social sites, twitter is enjoying good number of increased tweets about the photos, whilst the victims are crying foul .
How the images where obtained is very unclear but from reports of 4chan users it is said that the photos were hacked in accouints of celebrities . iCloud is an account which is used to link and syncronize information, photos videos and settings on an iPhone, Mac and Ipad including on other devices too.

The HACKED victims were users of iCloud and they were in this case obviously targeted, one of them is Jennifer Lawrence who was the main critique of iCloud. It is said that she once complained about iCloud on MTV. The hacking case has been reported to target on weak passwords of celebrities and others who are also on iCloud. There was a glitche which was found on the passwords which are weak and it allowed hackers to gain full access to an iCloud account.

Apple highlighted that it is on it right now working tirelessly to fix the problem, this is a total disaster especially when the launch of the iPhone 6 is set to be on the 9th of this month. Speculations are that majority of iCloud users are going to stop using iCloud because of this .

Last but not least the FBI issued a statement saying that it is looking into the celebrity leaks.

Onwell Matienga

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