(Updated) Hypercube Hub & StartupBus Africa event Officially Opens in Zimbabwe.

Hypercube Hub, a recently launched Zimbabwean technology startup in-conjunction with Startup bus Africa an international organisation representing various European, American and African countries too officially unveiled the Startup Bus concept in Harare yesterday.

At an event attended by local Technology players from both the private and public sector, plus international “bus-preneurs” , coming from the United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada, the Zimbabwean side of the tour was officially launched as the developers prepared to continue their tech ride to South africa
The event kick-started with a panel discussion on various topics, including challenges and opportunities which we can solve via technology in Zimbabwe.
inside the startup bu africa
picture courtesy of Muzinda Hub

Issues of policy and how the government can chip were identified mainly as both the major problem and solution to accelerate the growth of technology in Zimbabwe and harnessing the myriad of opportunities presented by technology In Zimbabwe.
Startbus hypercube zimbabwe
Speaking to TechnoMag on behalf of the international Startup bus crew, there was consensus that Zimbabwe and African countries actually present greater technological opportunities than any other continents especially the developed world.

“The developed countries are not so much using mobile phones to access the internet and solve their daily pertinent problems unlike Zimbabwe, infact Zimbabwe and other African countries are actually advanced in mobile solutions like the payment platforms”, said Chris
Startbus hypercube conversations 2
This is mainly because African countries are presented with unique problems that needs tactful approach like lack of hard cash, need to urgently transfer money from one individual to the other , banking problems, which then demand an alternative, outside the conventional systems.

After the formal discussions, mixing and mingling, Techies had to prepare for the exciting Bus Hackathon from Harare, Zimbabwe to Johannesburg South Africa.

There was excitement from the buspreneures and the Zimbabwean team who for the first time are being exposed to such interesting environments where they will hack-a- day along their drive down south where that side too, they will meet up more competitors, the team of judges before they finally pitch up the winning solution.

Why the bus idea, what really inspired this phenomenon, what are the developers expected to come out with an what kind of support and exposure will this really give the youthful coders .

The Hypercube team in Zimbabwe is a newly launched startup run by technology ethusisiats including Irene Chikumbo the community manager, Tapfumanei Murove the operations manager Nigel Mugami of the 263chat, Rinesh Disai and Munya Chiura of Comp Trouble Zim Nikki Kershaw with C2 media.
The Zimbabwean team was led by , Francis Chiwunda is an organiser is comprised of Tawanda Kembo, Shaun Benjamin, Lucky Ncube, Zandile Lambu, Jabulani Mpofu, Chiko Mukwenha and Clinton Mutambo
Hyper cube Hub specifically Sponsored Zandile lambu with the goal of supporting women in technology in Zimbabwe
Muzinda Umuzi hub, the first technology hub in Zimbabwe to actually operationalize also came in and supported the move by Sponsoring the event with 3 of technology participants coming from their stable. Chiko Mukwenha was core sponsored for his trip by Kubatana.

Lets have the more from the Zimbabwean team, also from Busprenuers and the Hypercube Hub Zimbabwe Team too.

What also interested us is finding more information on the Hypercube Hub Zimbabwean team who have managed to work with some local technology delevopers in Zimbabwe and connect them to this first of its kind tech drive, down South!

here is more from the team behind the Hypercube Hub in Zimbabwe

Please find all the photos uploaded here on our facebook page

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