Hwindi App Locates Cabs and Trucks

The 21st century has seen a number of life changing technological innovations taking place and Zimbabwe has not been left out in the technological race which has seen numerous Applications being  developed. 

A group of young innovators who run by the name Hwindi Crew which is made up of Patrick Manyangadze, Tenday Mawoko and Rolen Mungegwa developed an App tailor-made to locate the nearest taxi or truck for hire within the closest vicinity.

By Marvelous Chibhagidi

Hwindi is an application which helps you locate the nearest taxi or tow truck without having to go through the hustle of getting to a place where taxis are or texting friends in your contact list seeking assistance.

 The term Hwindi in Zimbabwe means a tout or one gives you direction to places or one who helps you with heavy loads. One can download the Hwindi App from Google Store or App Store and have the nearest taxi or tow truck at the click of their fingers.

Hwindi App team member

Hwindi App team member

What these guys have done is simply switch from analogue to digital, the process is the same but just that this App does not involve you calling the cab company asking them to locate a cab near you.

When you register  and you need a taxi, you give your location and Hwindi will search for a taxi near you while also revealing how long it will take for that taxi to get to you.

Hwindi sends you an email after every trip, so say you want to claim your money from your organization the emails will be proof that you actually traveled using taxi x and it cost u x amount.

The Hwindi application also has all the details  including the driver’s name you would have traveled with, and his picture, the company and type and color of car you would have used.

When asked about the response in the local market  Manyangadze said ” The response has been quite overwhelming but we still have a long way to go but so far it’s pleasing.”

Hwindi says it now has over 2568 Passengers and 147 Drivers and the numbers keep increasing by the day.
So say goodbye to taxi and tow truck hustles, throw those business cards away because Hwindi has got you covered and will help you identify a taxi near you.



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