Hundreds Throng Capitalk Radio Auditions

More than 500 aspiring Radio personalities turned out for the Capitalk Radio auditions that were held in Msasa Harare yesterday.

When the TechnoMag crew visited Cresta Lodge to get a glimpse of the proceedings around midday, people were still registering to take part in the auditions which had already begun around 9:00 in the morning.

By TechnoMag Reporter

Capitalk becomes the 10th  radio station from those that were recently licensed by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) to go live.

According to reports, Capitalk will be focusing on news and current affairs affecting the Harare community.

Capitalk radio

Capitalk radio

“As you can see the response is quite overwhelming, what we are doing now because of time is we are collecting CV’s for those who want to pursue carriers as producers. For all those who want to be producers can wait around for the auditions,” said Nyanhi.

A hopeful who identified herself as Sibusiswa went to try her luck at the auditions and said she had what it takes to be on radio.

“Its all about confidence and expression of oneself on radio. I have been practising how to speak on radio for a long time now so I think I can make it,” said

Capitalk radio sister station NyamiNyami also went live in Kariba, the station will focus on content specifically for the Kariba community.

Nyaminyami’s frequency is 94.5 FM while the Capitalk frequency is 11.4 FM.




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