Huawei`s Media Q, Converts Your LCD Screen Into A Virtual Smart TV

Huawei Introduced  a device called the Media Q ,which converts any LCD Screen into a virtual smart TV, at a price that is fairly within the reach of many against a market price range of more than US$2000 for 42 inch and above, instead this can now be achieved by only topping up  a mere $150.

By Tongai Mwenje.

Any standard “Flat Screen” TV can now be converted into a smart TV so long as it support the HDMI port, the interface that allows the device to communicate with your TV and gives it capabilities.

For one to be able to enjoy the services that Media Q provides, one needs to have LCD Screen TV with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports to connect to the device. The device which runs on an Android system is connected to the TV for audio and video via HDMI ports, thus automatically converting your LCD TV into a smart Big Screen TV with all apps  found on smartphones for example Google play store that will enables you to download more apps on your smart TV.

With the device one can actually stream videos from YouTube under good internet connectivity environment. The device also contains USB ports and SD card slot where the gadget can be used as a media centre to share pictures, videos and some important PDF files.

The gadget can synchronise with any smart phone, meaning your smart phone can actually be turned into a Big Screen Smart Phone; the operations on the smart phone will be beamed on the TV screen courtesy of the Media Q. Calls, messages and any other activity on the smart phone is reflected on the TV screen, this will aid sharing of videos in real time, documents and pictures with the whole family without clustering on a phone.

Media Q allows people to play games from their smart phones, using their smart phones as game controllers like what kids do when playing a PlayStation games, your smartphone is the game controller. With this device you can play music, watch videos in real time, and play games via your phone.

Rather than investing large sums of money in purchasing a new Smart TV, only you need to do is buy a $150 Media Q and you are on Smart TV, enjoying all services a smart TV can offer you at that cost.

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