Huawei Zimbabwe Kicks Off ICT Roadshow Tomorrow


With a commitment to an open ecosystem with a win-win cooperation, the 2016 Huawei Zimbabwe ICT Roadshow is going to showcase latest ICT innovation insights of the latest industry trends shared by the company in Harare Tomorrow, alongside the council of SADC meetings. 

Huawei announced that with the rapid development of the ICT industry, greater connectivity will bring a wealth of opportunities to enterprises and exciting experiences to individuals.

While most Zimbabwean only know Huawei from the consumer market side, as a manufacturer of trendy cellphones, The company’s bigger part of the business has nothing to do with the terminal device side at all. Huawei is better  known for communication infrastructure by all large telecommunications players.

There is also  a global Huawei sponsored training program called  Zimbabwe Seeds for the Future. This programme was initiated by H.E President Mugabe during his state visit to China in 2014 and 10 excellent ICT students were selected by Ministry of ICT and Ministry of Education and sent  to Huawei HQ in Shenzhen China for a two weeks training.

The representative of the students will do the presentation to share their learing experience in China and showcase the articles they wrote about the suggestion on Zim’s future ICT development,  while the Minister will also take this opportunity to announce the launch of the 2016 Zimbabwe Seeds of Future programme.

Led by the vision of universal connectivity, the telecom industry will move towards open digital operation and build an open ecosystem through full industry chain collaboration which will become a powerful engine driving the development of other industries.

IT, in the forms of Cloud computing and Big Data, now is widely utilized in all industries. These technologies are pushing forward the industry transformation and creating new values and benefits.

Together with industry elites and our key partners, Huawei wants to discuss the opportunities and challenges in this era of transformation, co-finding a way forward to build up your core competency in the Era of Cloud Computing, therefore to increase our own agility that will enhance your capacity to embrace all business opportunities coming toward us.


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