Huawei Zim ICT Roadshow blossoms the Beauty of Technology

Huawei  began  its second Zimbabwe ICT Roadshow at Cresta Lodge on Nov 9, 2016. The three-day  roadshow ending today intends to get over 300 customers and stakeholders from government, telecom operators and business partners from other industries to showcase the latest ICT technologies and trendy solutions such as Cloud Transformation for telecom operators, LTE Advance, 5G and so on.

The roadshow truck carrying the latest technologies & solution will also go to University of Zimbabwe on Nov 15, 2016, bringing the latest innovation to the campus. Not only does Huawei want to ignite the passion in ICT innovations among students but the company  also wants to invite more talent  for the future of ICT development in ZImbabwe.

Speaking on why Huawei held this ICT road show here in Zimbabwe,  Managing Director of Marketing & Solutions of Huawei Zimbabwe David Fan said,

Zimbabwe office is one of our oldest offices in the southern Africa region. Our partnership with TelOne could date back to 1998 since our first deployment of our signature products, C&C08 core switch. After 18 years’ perseverance in Zimbabwe, Huawei has grown with Zimbabwe’s ICT industry and became the leading ICT innovator, dedicating to ensure connectivity, especially the network coverage in the rural Zimbabwe.


Huawei expert illustrates mobile money solutions

He added that Huawei’s strategic partnership with Zimbabwe is are meant to change the lives of Zimbabweans through their ICT solutions.

“Our strategic partnership with local government and extensive corporation with parastatals and private sectors is not only to improve the ICT infrastructure but also to transform other industries with the application of ICT solutions to improve work efficiency and increase productivity, like the Smart City solutions to transport sector and the Cloud Computing Solutions for data center,” said Fan.

Currently Huawei has more than 100 employees in Zimbabwe, and over 60% of them are locally recruited.

Here more in depth:

As a collaborative industry contributor, we priorized to partner with local suppliers to create more job opportunities downstream. Till now we have extensively co-operated with more than 50 local suppliers to seek win-win development. Therefore, when we are making the schedule for this road show tour, we priorized Zimbabwe and intent to showcase the latest technologies to our business partners here.

As we know, the traditional radio solution is too expensive especially for rural areas coverage, no matter the capex or opex are high due to insufficient users in such area to generate sales. However, for the reason of legal compliance of certain policies and requirements, telecom operators have to cover those areas. So how can we assist them to save cost while making the legal compliance?

Huawei started to find out a solution fit for this business scenario. We work out some solution to build a very cost effective site to cover certain area and in terms of opex we can use solar solution to reduce the oil consumption. This solution firstly enrolled in DRC, and managed to help Airtel and Vodacom to covered more than 800 villages, at the same time saving the cost.

Let’s take cash challenge as another example as now we are suffering. I was so surprised yesterday when I saw a long queue waiting outside the bank and my local college told me they are waiting to get the cash. People can only get the money from the counter due to the shortage of physical notes. I can’t stop wondering why we don’t set up the Mobile Money Platform to solve this challenge. Nowadays, in China, people go to supermarket or take the Metro, you will find almost everyone there are using mobile phone to make the payment. For the closer county like Kenya, 60% of GPD are now coming from Safaricom’s M-Pesa mobile platform and I have to tell you that such solution was provided by Huawei. That is why we think we should bring the latest solution here to Zimbabwe, such as the similar mobile money platform to enable all the mobile subscribers to be able to make the payment or to be paid via telecom network.

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