How You Can Be A Better Math Scholar With Mathematica


The Zimbabwe education sector has evolved so much that it’s wiser academically to have your mathematics, but sometimes it’s so difficult to actually pass the subject without the necessary materials.

The government has gone as far as funding students in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program to promote more students to enroll in subjects that have been labelled as difficult. No doubt textbooks do a terrific job but they are not as interactive as mobile apps, and hey! most people spend most of their time phones what a better way of allowing the study of mathematics more convenient if you can access it on you mobile or laptop.

However I am a bearer of good news as I announce that there is an app that can actually help you in mathematics. It’s called Mathematica.

MathematicA Smart Learning is the number one solution for all O & A Level related numerical problems. Termed ‘The Examination Manual’ by Mathematics scholars, the mobile app is designed in a way that answers problems in a holistic approach, gearing users up for more than the problem in front of you.

The app offers up-to date syllabuses, short concepts, question papers and detailed – answered past exam papers from the year 2000 up to date. So you can either download the app on your android smartphone or Windows PC for a subscription of $2 a month. The facility is also extended to schools, say if the administration decides to subscribe for their computer lab, the prices will be as follows:

Payments can be done through Ecocash, Telecash and OneWallet.

For your android device you can download it on Play Store and for your windows laptop or desktop you can download it on Mathematica Official website

Mathematica Smart Learning was founded by four post graduate students from the National University of Science and Technology. In May 2017, a group of individuals from the Applied Mathematics, Accounting, Software Engineering departments decided to combine the skills acquired during the four year stay at the institution to develop an app that would assist students in tackling mathematics.

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