How To Have Better Instagram Experience


For those who have been using Instagram for a while, you probably already know what a great place it is to find inspiration. But to see the best content and have a better experience, ditch following users and start looking at hashtags instead.

Following hashtags on Instagram isn’t a new feature, but it’s one you shouldn’t overlook—its hard to overstate their value. In my opinion, hashtags are arguably the best feature on Instagram. Why? Because it allows you two conveniences: first, it bypasses all the fluff most users post; and secondly, it lets you build a much more personalized feed.

For example, if motivational quotes and fashion are what you love, one can simply use hashtags related to the mentioned. Eg, #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspration ,#fashion and so forth.

So even when you log in to your Instagram, instead of going over all the recent posts of the people you follow you can simply search hashtags of the stuff that you are actually looking for. With that, you even get different posts from millions of people or Instagram accounts that have once posted using the hashtag you need. It sounds more like personalizing your Instagram experience.

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