How To Create Disk Partition On Windows vista Or Windows 7

It’s not at a complicated process, so you could just chill and follow the set of instructions & I’m pretty much sure you will be able to do it.

1) Go to the ‘start-menu’ & hover your mouse over ‘computer’. Right-click on it & click on ‘manage’.
Note: If you do not have ‘administrative rights’ or your account is limited. If so, then you will not be able to make a partition. So make sure that you have ‘administrative rights’
If you find a window popping up asking for ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. Click on ‘YES’.

The ‘Computer Management’ window will open. In there, you will find ‘Storage’. Under that you will be able to see ‘Disk Management’ thus click on it.
Note: It should take about 10 seconds to load, if it takes lot of time then immediately close the computer management or restart the computer and start over from step 1.

So when the ‘Disk Management’ window opens you will see there is 1 drive i.e. C-drive or another one before the C-drive called ‘system reserved’. DO NOT do anything on the ‘system reserved drive’.

OK! Now you could either create partition on ‘C-drive’ or if any other drive available. You can do this to any drive you want. Of course, depending on the space availability. I am using E-drive to demonstrate the procedure.

(2)Right-click on the drive you want to create partition, in my case it is E-drive. A pop-up should come up, click on ‘Shrink Volume’.
Note: If you have a big hard-drive, it would take longer time. For instance, if your hard-drive is 1TB it can take up to 20 minutes. In case, it says ‘NOT RESPONDING’ don’t worry. Just be patient as it will respond.

(3)Once the loading is done, a window should pop up. In here you can allocate what size your new drive will be. This completely depends on you. Under ‘Enter the amount of space to shrink’ you have to allocate the size.
Note: The allocation of size should be done in ‘Megabytes’ only. For instance, if you want to put 10 Gb, you could write it as 10024 Mb = 10 Gb and if in one digit like 8gb then write it as 8024 Mb = 8 Gb.

(4)Then click on shrink.
Note: This will take time depending on what size you have allocated.

Once it is done, you will find a new slot. Usually it is placed after the drive that you partitioned. The partition drive will show a ‘black bar’. Right-click on the drive with the black bar, a window should pop-up. Just follow the procedure. Keep clicking ‘NEXT’ until you find the bit where it says ‘Assign the following drive letter’. You could just leave it as it is or give any letter you want and then click ‘Next’.

On the next window just name the volume and make sure ‘perform a quick format’ box is checked. If you un-check it, then the procedure would be very long and leave the other bits as it is. After checking everything and then click ‘Next’ & then ‘Finish’.

(5)Wait for a bit and your new drive will be created. So close everything up and go to my computer & you should see your new drive ready for you to use.

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