What You Should Do After WhatApp Got Hacked


Recently WhatsApp has reported that a number of smartphones had been injected malware by an Israeli Spy Firm (the NSO Group) in order to steal data through a phone call.

According to reports the targets didn’t need to pick up the calls, and after the missed call would automatically disappear from the call log, meaning no record of the spyware could be traced.

Since the number of people that were spied on is still unknown its wise to take extra precaution. The major step is to check for any updates manually in either AppStore or Play Store. In the event that it fails to update uninstall the application and re-download it. For those that use Android the new update should look like this:

For iOS devices the latest Version is 2.19.51:

It is also crucial that whilst at it, make sure that the operating system for your smartphone is up-to-date. Just for extra precaution, because the the older the software the more you are at risk from cyber criminals and their antics.

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