HIT Website Back Online, Email Server Destroyed.

Harare Institute of Technology has managed to gain back control of their website DNS and content for some days now but completely lost all their emails after the hacker remained adamant on release.

A hacker who attacked HIT website had demanded ransomware of $1000 in bitcoins to the institutions and recipients of the mail server, a move which HIT completely refused to back down.

The HIT website had been online only to the local browsers for the past days before they moved it from the LAN for public access few days back.

Their mail server, however, has been completely wiped, losing all the emails and communications HIT had since inception.

The hacker/s has been sending messages to recipients demanding a ransom so that the mail server be released.

Experts have however poured water on this attack as nothing but the mere hijacking of the local server, which has nothing to do with wanna cry attacks which have ravaged international servers.

Demanding ransom over email server and defaced website is immature and for no worthy cause since this information can be foregone.

Noncritical data was affected and any serious attack would have target areas like accounts system, student enrollment, and their personal information

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