Hit Song Mebo Hits 1 Million Views On Youtube


Yester year hit song Mebo by rising star Obert Chari has hit 1 million views and counting, thanks to Youtube.

YouTube has turned into “the world’s jukebox” being the most popular music-discovery tool online with over 6 billion hours of video streamed every single month by more than 1 billion unique users and all this music activity generates money for new artists.

With a million views, this shows how much his content has catapulted him to fame online. The song became an instant hit last year and Chari got a lot of commendations on social media platforms for his creativity and originality.

This is an indication that Youtube has become an alternative source of entertainment with viewers across the world, with an ability to enable consumers of content to also partake in propagating to their loved ones.

It goes without saying, Obert Chari has also pocketed a cool $5 000 USD plus, from ads revenue generating from the million views, hopefully, he had set up a google ad sense account

In fact, apart from music sales especially in Zimbabwe where piracy has basically affected what artists make from their work, a vital part of artists income have been gained through their music in streaming services.

Ofcourse monetization on Youtube differs according to how many views content manages to pull. Each time a video hits 1 million views, there is definitely a nice paycheck attached. Particularly, in this case, Chari will make roughly US$5 000 from Mebo.

Mebo is a song about a poor guy who has nothing to offer to the lady of his dreams, but the lady loves him regardless.

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