High Court Dismisses Sikhala, Sithole Bail Application


High Court Judge Justice Mungwari has denied Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) Legislators Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole bail.

Sikhala and Sithole had filed a bail appeal at the High Court after they were denied bail at the Harare Magistrate Court.

The two had filed a bail appeal through their lawyers Jeremiah Bamu and Alec Muchadehama.

In passing judgement, the Judge said the duo is not suitable for bail since they have tendency to re-offend.

She went on to say, “There was no misdirection on the lower court’s finding considering Sikhala’s volunteered information that he was arrested for similar offence several times.

“Therefore, Sikhala has a heightened propensity to re-offend.

The Judge added that basing on the evidence of the turmoil in Nyatsime area, the duo is not suitable for bail because they endanger the public peace and security.

Sikhala and Sithole have been in custody for 22 days after they were arrested for inciting public violence in Nyatsime area during Moreblessing Ali’s Memorial service.

In their bail appeal Muchadehama told Court that the State must provide evidence that the duo incited violence.

Muchadehama said Sikhala and Sithole both denied allegations of posting a video and ferrying and mobilising people to engage into violence.

“The State’s reason in denying Sikhala and Sithole bail was that they were likely to jeopardise public safety but this is being said without any evidence. These are just unsubstantiated reasons not supported by any evidence,” said Muchadehama.

He added, “There is no evidence that Sithole communicated with anyone. They said went around mobilising people but there is no evidence that he did so.

However, the State opposed the Court to grant the duo bail basing on the fact that Sikhala undermined the bail condition of as similar offence and the two are likely to re-offend if they are granted bail.

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