"Hiclicker" A New Social Network Launched

Zimbabwean Local IT Expert, and keen Computer Programmer , Artwell Makumbe has openly challenged Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook by launching his new social network called hiclicker.

The Hiclicker Founder and CEO is better known throughout the media for his past initiatives of Zimclick which he dubbed as “things of past , a Zimbabwean sensation”, according to Artwell hiclicker is the new Zimclick.

Hiclicker is a simes of Facebook with a few advantages from the social network giant, whats more interesting is Artwell Makumbe actually built the social network from scratch this makes him a huge threat to Facebook and on the other hand it serves as a major hurdle on his end to tackle the Social Networking giant called Facebook.

The most impressive element of the website is, the less algorithm code on the social network platform which has less adverts and more visibility if you’re opening a hiclicker Page. Hiclicker is resembled like “Facebook” and ambitiously better off and smooth and well designed.

sending a friend request

Makumbe said “hiclicker is the easiest way to meet, chat, discuss, with your fellow friends hiclicker involves the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivisions.
It’s a real is built-up with a trusted network of friends and its users moreover protecting user privacy, identity theft and impersonation”

Making friends on hiclicker is easy, to send personal messages, group messages, uploading both photo & video and entice much more social experience with the help of groups thereby bringing the world on one click.

Without a formal ‘launch’ Makumbe told Technomag that it gained 8 600 users within a week and merely 2 000 hits per hour still counting, he also said that each Monday hiclicker will be adding more social experience as we will be giving out weekly reasons why one should join hiclicker with new features which are rich and more engaging.

Hiclicker (previously known as Zimclick) is definitely a game starter in the realm of technological advancement in Zimbabwe,

With this new body of work , we do however want to see the future of it moreover the innovative ideas he can come up with to really differentiate hiclicker more to Facebook. With the use of mobile phones increasing at an alarming rte , we do look forward to the development of an application of hiclicker.

Onwell Matienga

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