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Here is How You Can Still Access Ecocash.


Just as we had predicted, Ecocash main system is facing a torrid time to bounce back, the dinosaur system they have migrated will not be comfortably landing on the new platform.

Setting the 24 hr time frame was probably the biggest mistake as they underestimated the wholesome process, and a swift come back has now become a mirage.

The upgrade needed time to go through white box, black box and grey box testing before going public, and now they need lots of time.

While the main menu accessible via *151# is down, here is how you can still access the back end with little traffic and open terminals to some essential service.

Dial *152# and you can still call the Ecocash server and various services, we have tried this before and it was working at the time of publishing .

It looks like this is the open gateway to the old server and backup, as they try to have some continity inside the turmoil.

Some peole have suggested buying airtime via *90%#,, an embedded system undder Oena but we have not registered any success through this method

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