Herald Suddenly Fires "Baba Jukwa"


It never rains but pours for Edmund Kudzayi, the man who spent close to a year in incarceration over allegations of being the faceless “Baba Jukwa”, an online character behind the most powerful and anti Zanu-Pf Facebook page which grew close to half a million fans in its short stint, churning out anti Zanu Pf propaganda.
Edmund Kudzayi who was still smutting from the war of his freedom was reported to have been promoted to a senior technological position, a move which most Herald employees called an appeasement post due to his obvious duplication of services.

Just under a month, the state controlled media house had fired hundreds and Edmund Kudzayi clearly walked out a free man from the firing session, which could have given him real hopes, before he was quickly appointed to be the Zimpaper`s Head of IT services.
However, the Zimpapers Human Resources was reported to have called his latest firing nothing outside norm, but the current cost cutting measure which is affecting any other employee, ironically less than two weeks after promoting him.
Some sources allege he was a victim of witch hunting where some senior politicians still felt that he was still guilty, though they failed to prove the allegations in the courts of law; forcing the courts to throw out the case due to lack of evidence.
State investigators were reported to have been going through to Google and Facebook to seek assistance in revealing the man who was using the Gmail and Facebook account to promote banditry and insurgence, but reports alleged that they never went far as the US based organisations shut down their requests.
The Facebook page has since transitioned into various episodes as we reported it closed then recently it bounced back again, a move which can only be explained to be an in initial attempt to delete the page, which was then restored before the two weeks expiration notice as mandated by Facebook.

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