Her Zimbabwe finally comes back online!

By Toneo Rutsito

Her Zimbabwe one of Zimbabwe`s website to face some hacking attempts is finally back online after nearly 3 weeks of being forced offline.
The website was hit by some CMS Attacks which went viral attacking most websites hosted on the same platform. Her Zimbabwe was hit the same time another social/entertainment website Zimbojam was also hit.
Recently i reported that these two websites were down after some unsolicited attacks.
Almost two weeks back, Zimbojam came back online but details as to when Her Zimbabwe was really resuscitated are still sketchy.
A quick look over the website shows things are back to normal as it is already properly blogging.
zimbojam 2
Their social networks platform (Twitter) does not say a thing on the outage neither does it mention the come back either but back on site all seems good.
Efforts to get answers from Her Zimbabwe founder, Fungai Machirori or the contacts from the site where fruitless by time of writing the article, we shall still pursue to get answers.
After a bit of curious check, I figured out that Her Zimbabwe is designed by the kin who suffered the same fate Zimbo jam and they could probably have much more technical answers to the status quo, or worse still its a hosting issue as the facts on ground say.

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