“Her Zimbabwe and Zimbojam hacked!” Who hit Yah?

Recently a Technology blog TechZim broke news about Her Zimbabwe and Zimbojam being hacked  on the same day. A quick look from the screen shot showed that the home page had been defaced to a static message.

Both ZimboJam and Her Zimbabwe could still be reeling from the Content Management System (CMS) attack as their websites are still displaying this message.

zimbo jam down


Probably they are taking time to make some fixes as apparently it is really time to patch up.

One really wonders why those two websites were attacked, and according to my analysis the answer is simple, there were never really attacked.

Teamr00t did not specifically target the two websites, this was just a random attack on websites with known vulnerabilities and these two were caught up  amongst many.

Teamr00t hacker/hackers target vulnerable websites not to destroy their actual content but take advantages of trafficked/ busy vulnerable websites as a platform to display their messages.

I’m not writing this article to justify or disapprove such tendencies but merely focusing on the technical issue behind the attacks. The morals of such conducts are beyond the scope of this blog

Just to bring you up to speed, Anonymous activist/s advocate for the liberalisation of the internet yet @teamr00t have serious political interests over the Palistine issue as they posted

 “Palestinians are not struggling for a “state” but for freedom, liberation and equality: Free Every Occupied State, End The Occupation… Teamr00t Have Arrived!!! We are the voice for the suppressed people of the world, and we will show you the truth”

They are willing to push such messages via any active portals hence the recent attacks on some local websites.

Besides these websites , some other African websites  were also have been hit. this includes 5 government websites in Zambia, Israel government emails and 43 other websites.




Such unprecedented attacks may be the new forms of attacks by various organisations to send unsolicited messages to masses.

Among the millions of remedies, I would personally recommend these few reads on WordPress/joomla CMS brute force attacks and these 13 Tips for Better Joomla CMS Security.

In conclusion, let it be known that any website can be  hacked, the FBI, The CIA, Homeland and even the Cisco websites.

In Zimbabwe The Herald, Newsday and Econet websites have all once been hacked.

Speaking of Econet, i have been personally facing some url redirection when I type econet.co.zw, this should automatically be translated to their official website, but apparently it does not lead  https://www.econet.co.zw/  but a different unsecure portal .

We are yet to confirm whether the the lo-gin server is theirs or another case of cyber squatted web addresses.

My 2 cents

I personally think that security will only make things much difficult for hackers or is it crackers but thinking of  a fireproof  system  is only attainable is science fiction movies, not even The Matrix could portray that.

Rather the question is secured against who or what, the motivation is much more important to challenge the security system otherwise websites which are not at risks at all are those which have no impact either.

Speaking of impossible security, this is one area I personally do not enjoy giving an emphasis on and yes, according to me, there is no such a thing as a secured platform.

Even the most Secure website Facebook, was also once shut down, a few weeks back . The  1billion users  failed to log on except for those who had a cached version of the websites.

This once happened again earlier on in November and this time it was not the anonymous hackers who had threatened to shut it down before .

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