GZU Cements Rural Industrialization

Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) is pushing rural industrialization through a climate-proofing approach via its Innovation hub which is promoting the cultivation of traditional grains that are drought-resistant and the rearing of local and traditional poultry breeds.
The program will contract farmers, provide chicks for poultry, buy chickens at 16-20 weeks, and provide another batch. They buy all the grain concerning finger millet, pearl millet, and rapoko. They set up a processing plant in Chivi rural, Buhera Central constituency is very excited to have been honored to play host to GZU for two days in as many weeks.
Member of Parliament for Buhera Central Sam Matema is pleased with the role that GZU is playing in mitigating the effects of climate change]. “We are excited as a constituency because this intervention by GZU is in sync with the pronouncement by His Excellency, President Dr. ED Mnangagwa, in his State of the Nation Address (SONA, 2023), concerning Climate change and climate proofing, the role of the private sector, institutions of higher learning in partnering government as we work towards Vision 2030 converging with Agenda 2030.
Agricculture with a deliberate leaning towards traditional grains will extricate many out of poverty. Coupled with Research and Development spearheaded by institutions of higher learning like GZU, smart partnerships, and smart agriculture will cause the attainment of a whole range of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) either directly or indirectly,” he said.
Gary Magadzire Executive Dean, School of Agriculture and Engineering Dr Xavier Poshiwa said, “They want to develop innovative products adding that the innovation centre will enable them to improve the growing of crops and livestock rearing. We want to create industries in rural areas. We want to promote the production, processing, and consumption of traditional grains”.
Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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