Gweru City Council hails prepaid parking system


Gweru City Council has hailed it automated prepaid parking systems which is said promoted efficiency and accountability.

The smart parking system which was rolled out in April following condemnation of the old manual system has seen the parking revenue being tripled and the City Council hailed the automated prepaid parking system as a game changed as the company is realizing $1,5million a month as compared to the $400 000,that the council was generating

Gweru Mayor Councilor Josiah Makombe expressed satisfaction with the smart parking system as the council was getting a return on it’s investment

“To be honest, this partnership with City Parking is really an improvement. We used to collect plus or minus $400 000 per month and that figure was not even enough to cover our expenses like fuel and salaries.

But with what we are getting now, it has increased and there’re no expenses on our side. So, we are getting all that as net, with no expenses,” he said,”Clr

The manual parking system was often abused by the council’s employees and the prepaid parking system is a joint venture between the Gweru City Council and City Parking .

The joint venture is expected to be rolled out to other city councils.

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