Gvt Distributes 12 000 Computers To 177 Schools

The Government through the Ministry of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services has handed out 12 000 computers to 177 Schools nationwide under the eLearning programme.

Speaking at the handover of the latest batch of computers in Guruve recently, Mashonaland Central acting director-general of the Postal and Telecommunications Regulations Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz), Mrs Hilda Mutseyekwa said education was a cornerstone of development

Under the programme, 61 schools have benefitted in Mashonaland Central Province, out of 444 schools nationally,” she said.

“In each of these schools, we have equipped computer laboratories with a minimum of 30 computers, providing students with the tools they need for e-learning activities.

“In the digital age, access to information is paramount and these computer labs will empower students to acquire the skills necessary for a competitive and evolving job market.

“It is worth noting that under the broader e-learning programme, Potraz has distributed a total of 2 437 laptops to 120 schools in Mashonaland Central. This is out of the 12 349 laptops distributed to 711 schools nationwide.”

Mrs Mutseyekwa said they believed that access to technology was a fundamental right and the computer laboratories were a tangible expression of Potraz’s commitment to empowering the next generation with the skills they needed to succeed.

The facilities would not only enhance the quality of education but also open up new opportunities for students to explore the vast world of information technology.

We believe that by investing in education, we are laying the foundation for a future generation of skilled and knowledgeable individuals who will contribute to the growth and prosperity of our nation,” Mrs Mutseyekwa said.

“I want to emphasise that these projects are not isolated endeavours but part of a larger vision for a digitally inclusive Zimbabwe. The success of these initiatives is a result of collaboration between the Government, operators, and the local communities.

“We thank the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services for their unwavering support and guidance throughout the implementation of these initiatives. Your commitment to the vision of a digitally inclusive Zimbabwe has been instrumental in realising these projects which will serve as catalysts for positive change in Mashonaland Central Province.”

Sheltryn Parangira

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