Gutridge Business Solutions Launched, A Microsoft Dynamics Navision Partner.


Gutridge business solutions a local technology, and ERP service  provider in Zimbabwe and a Microsoft certified partner recently in Harare, officially launched to the local market  as it unveils a suite of accounting applications which Microsoft acquired in 2002.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that provides small and mid size businesses greater control over their financials and can simplify their supply chain, manufacturing, and operations. It’s quick to implement and easy to use, with the power to support your business growth ambition.

The MD  of Gutridge Business Solutions Mr Tariro Dambiranwa was happy to announce that their product has been received with great enthusiasm in the country as this was also evident of their clients who use the product.

Speaking at a well attended event graced by IT gurus, decision makers  in the business as well as marketing individuals and  aspiring IT technicians, The executive was so confident that the entry of the product to the Zimbabwean market  changed the way we do business more efficiently at the most reasonable cost price.

The company also brings in a deep understanding and practical application of modules and state of the art solutions based on sound technology

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) which is seamlessly integrated.

The product supports multi company operations and consolidated reporting, either the full amount or a specified  percentage  of a particular company’s information can be consolidated.The package can also easily interface with other Microsoft applications.

The product has a major advantage that it is highly customizable and can easily fit in any organization.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV software is composed of three major components:

  1. The DatabaseServer, a database that stores the Microsoft Dynamics NAV data (as of NAV 2013 only Microsoft SQL Server)
  2. The Application Server (starting from NAV 2009 RTC), a service that controls all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s operation
  3. The Client(s), the actual user interface into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. NAV 2013 includes three clients:
  • Windows client
  • SharePoint client
  • Web client
  • NAV 2015 further introduced a Tablet Client


Also available to give testimonials of the Nav software was  Mr Naboth Machemedze,  a business consultant  and senior ICT Executive at Trucedar who strongly urged the importance of using Dynamics  Nav software for companies, he also mentioned that  Dynamics Nav is user friendly  than other  ERP solutions , a leading contender in the Dynamics fraternity.



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