Gtel Sponsors The Micasa Show in Harare.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
Gtel yesterday was chief among other non-technological players a sponsor to one of the most popular African house –jazz based group, Micasa mesmerizing fans till midnight in Harare, Zimbabwe.

As part of its market penetration and social corporate responsibility, Gtel has increased its visibility by supporting such events.
micasa gtel stand
This proved to be a successful tactic as thousands of revellers who had come to enjoy their night out also visibly came face to face with the Gtel brand.
As Micasa was about to sign out, off the stage, they also called out for real good dancers to the stage to compete which took a couple of youths to get down to their popular tune , “Jika” leading to two girls walking away with a very cool surprise gift of the night.
Casey lee Layton Chelsea Jambga   Micasa winners 1

They both won the newly launched Gtel Explorer A717 plus some other little goodies including a Gtel branded caps and T-shirt.
Casey lee Layton Chelsea Jambga   Micasa winners  prized nadine
Nadine a model, who is also the face of the Gtel brand presented these two lucky winners with the cool surprise package much to their excitement.

TechnoMag followed up these winners later who coincidentally are siblings and their joy and excitement could just not be concealed as their literally became “Celebs” for the night.
Casey lee Layton Chelsea Jambga   Micasa winners close up cool
The winners were Casey lee Layton and Chelsea Jambga both 16 years of age.

Micasa Music is a house band based in Johannesburg, South Africa and consisting of 3 members, Dr. Duda (producer) and pianist, Jsomething (vocalist and guitarist), and Mo-T (trumpeter) and formed in early 2011 in Johannesburg

Here is more of the event in photos from our Facebook Page!

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