Gtel SL5.5 Launched, The Slimmest Smartphone in market


As we had earlier on hinted, Gtel officially launched their flagship smartphone, the new Gtel SL 5.5 tonight, a smartphone that is definitely going get the town talking as they launched the slimmest Smartphone on the Zimbabwean market.
The founder of Gtel, Mr Chamunorwa Shumba officially introduced their flagship smartphone into the market at an event held at the Cresta Lodge.
Gtel CEO Chamunorwa  Shumba


Previously, the Huawei P6 was the world`s slimmest smartphone when launched at 6.1mm and still is locally while Astro`s V2 came second at 6.5mm and we are headed for much more exciting times as new technologies enable players to be much more creative.
Gtel also partnered Telecel Zimbabwe to launch Khuluma 365. More on that in this video.


Internationally, the same phone could have got them the world`s slimmest smartphone crown, but news recently filtered that the Gionee Elife S5.1, which previously had the title at 5.5mm has beaten its record again taking the title from the Huawei Ascend P6’s 6.1mm.
Another Chinese player called Vivo has also hinted to be finalising on their Smartphone which will be packed up in 3.8 mm shell size, should this finally hit the market, this will be the first ever, world`s thinnest Smartphone launching at no more than 4mm as sceptics are already questioning the feasibility of such a Smartphone.
To add so much sparkle and weight to their phone, the new Gtel SL5.5 has comes in with so much elegance and touch of class with a rich glass finish on the back, making the smartphone really look cozy with an executive feel.

Gtel 5.5 official launch

Outside the visible beauty, the new offering by Gtel will be yet another Octa core processor , coming with a giant 1.7Ghz Octacore Processor, thus loosely translated it has 8 separate processors inside the main one so this new model comes with the exact similar processor power as its predecessor, the Gtel MX1.
Speaking during the launch, the Head of Sales and Marketing with Gtel, Mr Robert Gonye said he was excited to bring the new-look phone which is definitely the slimmest phone to be released on the African market.

“We are bringing in the slimmest phone on the market which will takeover from predecessor, the Gtel Xplorer MX1, and this phone is packed with new features to change the game”he said.robert gonye gtel
They have maintained their 5 inch Smartphone size and slightly lighter than their MX1 and more refreshingly the new phone is landing on Android Kit Kat, thus 4.4 and a 13MP back camera plus a 5MP front camera.
On storage the new Gtel flagship will be running on a 2g RAM memory chip for faster data execution while they have backed it with a 16gb storage.
This fares well with the iPhone 5S as the two phones basically have the same technical specifications on storage and RAM memory while the iPhone 5S has some unique advantages over the Gtel, especially on the gorilla screen, WIFI bands and LTE-enabled adapter, the new Gtel punches back some heavy blows.
iPhone 5S bites the dust on the processor power as they bring in a dual-core processor at 1.3ghz.On camera, the Gtel has a supreme 13MP and 8MP, back and front camera respectively while the 5S has an 8MP and 2MP respectively.
However, our tests on the two Smartphone cameras proved that the phone back camera is way better than the Gtel as they power it with new technology that allows high resolution pictures to be taken even in movements , while pixelation is only visible when an image is stretched way beyond limits, a feature which the Gtel SL 5.5 could not stand against at all.
Today, Smartphone makers the world over, including Apple, have become so obsessed with making thinner phones as this is one sure way to prove that so much battery power can be packaged in a smaller casing, reducing weight and bulkiness, while giving longer hours of usage.
The same concept however has been heavily criticized by experts in the industry as newer Smartphones have drastically dropped their talk time duration, a case mainly attributed to smaller battery cells.
On dexterity, the new Gtel has maintained the same button positions for comfort and ease of use, but I have always wondered how they make it so difficult for the user to take screenshots as positions will be forced to change, a feature which the Huawei and iPhone 5S have swiftly solved with their button positions.
Gtel sl 5.5 official launch size rashonne lylla khan white, sardia khannise, meagan jandles, tyla-ann
Due to obvious size differences, it would be unfair to compare the Gtel phone against iPhone 5S although on high definition, they equal up, we could not also set apart the same feature with the Huawei Ascend P6, a phone that can closely fall in their same range.
Coming on the form factor and weight, their new offering is relatively lighter though with a larger screen, this may be a darling of many who love entrainment as it gets better on a bigger screen while issues of battery will quickly come in as they run on a 2.2mAh powered battery.
Consumers have also raised their concerns that old smart phones, although not slicker, used to provide much more longer hours above the current 8hrs with little to no smartphones on the market lasting more than a day with battery power.
check out the the full pictures of the event here

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