Gtel Officially Launches The A717 Phone

Gtel has officially launched their brand new A717 Explorer at an event filled with pomp and fare, packed by Government officials, dignitaries, Telecoms players and members of the media.

The new Gtel A717 comes with 1.2ghz quad core processor, Dual Sim support, 4.7inch retina screen, Android jelly bean Operating syystem, 8Mp camera back and 1ghz memory and ultra curve slim design.

The Gtel Team painted the Harare International Conference Centre, orange, pulled a breath taking event as they launched their next big brand in Zimbabwe.

The minister of Information Communication Technology and Postal Courier Services said that players in the telecoms sector should combine forces and drive technology in Zimbabwe to see its growth.

Speaking during the launch, the chief executive officer of Gtel Mr Chamu Shumba said they are unveiling a phone which Zimbabweans are going to fall in love with as it brings lots of powerful features and stability.

Mr Shumba literally showed off with some cool camera capabilities which could transform image qualities in a few clicks of button.

Robert Gonye, the head of Marketing and Sales said that this hi ghly powered phone, shockingly also comes at a much more affordable price as it is tagged at only $395 yet it falls in the same class of high end devices costing above $1000.

The new Gtel A717 Explorer phone stands to be tried and tested by the Zimbabwean market for the actual user experience feedback.

When we asked Mr Gonye about how the G-tide brand failed and issues of market confidence which they then rebranded to Gtel, he disclosed that the the new Gtel brand is a brand they actually control in actual hardware specs unlike the old brand which was only a franchise.

here is more in video from the Chief executive and his marketing head.

Live Video Event: Gtel Officially launches The A717 Explorer.

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Gtel Launches The A717 Explorer

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