Gtel Launches an Octacore Smartphone A750 Xplora MX1 For $390

A predecessor to their A717 flagship, Gtel Last night introduced theA750 MX1 explorer,at an event which was officially launched by the Minister Of ICT Postal and Courier services Hon Webster Shamu, while the Brand ambassador Hon Joseph Chinotimba came through to witness the glamorous launch event.

Gtel introduced yet another contender on the smartphone market, arguably one of the best smartphones to take head on against the Samsung S4 and iPhone 5S pitting it currently as one of the leading smartphones in the local market.
Gtel Comparison

This is certainly a new smartphone with some features that will certainly get the town talking with its unique features, some completely leaving its competitors with envy.
The Gtel founder highlighted a few facts that define the growth and influence of Gtel as a whole in Zimbabwe and beyond:
• 50% of all Gtel customers are repeat customers.
• 30% of all their customers are (gladly) running from Samsung; 5% from Apple; 15% from other phones.
• 85% of Gtel phones run Android 4.0 and above, only 15% are below that .
• 95% of Gtel phones are smartphones.
Gtel Growth rate

He was quick to mention, also, that the G103 is the only feature phone they built, the rest being smartphones.
The Gtel A750 MXplora 1, “ is amazing, beautiful, feels just right in the hand. It creates the most amazing relationship between man and technology” he said
It has 2 SIM Cards, which is the surname at Gtel. The Dual-SIM function allows users to switch between two network operators using the same phone.

The New Gtel A750 MX1 features include a 13MPswivel Cameras, this makes it possible for one to roll the camera camera to take both front and back pictures, making the best front camera in the market but still the lowest on the back cameras.
Gtel swivel
Their screen size is a standard 4.7” Sharp screen, IGZ0 and AF180. It has 29MB of cache memory which makes it “an on-board clinic for the phone!” as Mr. Chamunorwa Shumba puts it.

“We always try to give our customers the best price coupled with the best product; so support us, if not for another reason, then support us because it’s a local product.”

Gtel, being a wholly Zimbabwean product, is a pioneer of mobile phones locally. The previous Gtel model A717 Xplora was sold for $380 last year, this newer and better product is only $10 more expensive, $390.00, which is “a giveaway considering it’s dazzling functions” as the founder put it.

One function that got the delegates excited was the ‘Guest Mode’ it operated. This function enables the owner to lock some private applications like Gallery, Messages, etc. This will truly prove a sore tooth to all the nosy “phone-guests” out there!

Gtel mx1
Officially launching the phone, The Guest of Honour, Cde Webster Shamu who also had his share of prideful words to say over Gtel. After sharing a soft Chinotimba joke which left the crowd in stitches, he said “Welcome Gtel A750 MXplora 1!! Gtel, you have done it!!”

The Hon minister spoke in length how they back date with the brand and pledged support to the local brands as they intertwine with the government`s indeginous policy.

Acknowledging during the launch, The Gtel founder Mr Chamunorwa Shumba said that We came from Gtide, phone that you never wished to purchase again after first contact! But after Gtel everything changes.

Here is part 1 of the launch

Watch the snippets of the videos here.

Gtel A750 Launch Is Now Live!!

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