Gtel Gets A Buy Zimbabwe Award!

By Percy Tavagwisa

Gtel, one of Zimbabwe`s mobile phone manufacture`s got an award at the recently held buy Zimbabwe annual awards at Sango Conference Centre- Cresta Lodge.

Coming Just after Africom, Gtel won the prestigious innovation award runner up.

Gtel marketing and Sales head, Mr Robert said that he was proud to be honoured at the awards as this confirms that their input is being recognized in the Zimbabwean market.

Buy Zimbabwe

The Buy Zimbabwe Awards aim to:     Celebrate the remarkable and outstanding roles played by local companies in rejuvenating the economy, creating jobs, generating wealth and stirring national pride and Honor and celebrate organizations and individuals for industriously supporting Buy Zimbabwe since its inception.

The BUY ZIMBABWE  INNOVATION AWARD, recognizes a Buy Zimbabwe Partner for coming up with a new product/service that portrays exceptional innovation in technology.

Gtel qualified for the nomination after an initial assessment and  competed with  other top contenders in that  specific category..

The Buy Zimbabwe Board of Trustee is chaired by Deputy Chairperson Mr Oswell Binha the adjudicating organizations are; Ministry of Industry of Commerce, Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ), Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries ( CZI), Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ), Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ), SME Association of Zimbabwe (SMEAZ ) and Buy Zimbabwe.

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