Govt Through ZINARA Sets $33,6 Billion For Second Phase Of ERRP


Govt Through ZINARA Sets $33,6 Billion For Second Phase Of ERRP

Government has set aside $33,6 billion for the second phase of the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 (ERRP2), after the declaration of the country’s road network as a state of disaster in February last year.More roads are targeted by Government this year with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development driving the agenda through the Zimbabwe National Administration Road Authority (ZINARA).

Bulawayo City Council (BCC) spokesperson Ms Nesisa Mpofu told TechnoMag that last month BCC was allocated about $300 million by Government under the ERRP2. The local authority intends using 70 percent of the allocation on periodic maintenance while the remaining 30 percent will go towards pothole patching, crack sealing and slurry sealing.

BCC last month got itself in hot soup for failing to fully utilise more than $625 million allocated by Government under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 (ERRP2) resulting in delays in the implementation of road projects in the city.

Under the ERRP2, council is supposed to rehabilitate 10 roads this year which will be funded through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development.

They are Ndaba Road, Catherine Berry Drive, Nkulumane Drive, Glenville Drive, Lobengula Street, Chinamano Road, Netherby, Renkini Road, Woodville Road and Cowdray Park-Hlalani Kuhle.

Council also intends to rehabilitate at least nine roads which include Fairbridge Way (Phillips Dr to Cecil Avenue), Huggins Road (Luveve Road to Police), Woodville Park Road (Harare Road to the first curve), Luveve 5 Road, Maduma Drive (Intemba to S J Ngwenya Shops) and Murchison Road (scone to Adair Drive).

Most of the city’s road network has outlived its life span and 70 percent need rehabilitation.

Council says 75 percent of the city roads are in poor condition and require at least US$700 million for road rehabilitation. Bulawayo has approximately 2 400km of road network.

Since the launch of the ERRP 2 last year, roads such as Siyepambili Drive, George Avenue, 23rd Avenue have since been rehabilitated.

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