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Govt Sets Timetables for Employees over COVID-19 Fears

Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs has set work timetables for their employees in the wake of the deadly pandemic coronavirus.

His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa encouraged workers to work from home whenever possible as a preventative measure for the spread of COVID 19.

Members of Strategic Policy Planning and Legal Research, Law Development Commission, Legislative Drafting who are non essential employees have been asked to report for work on a three day rotational schedule.

In a circular issued to the employees in the Justice Department by the Chief Law officer the Government stated,’’ Staff members with known chronic diseases, pregnant women and those indisposed are encouraged to work from home upon getting authority from their respective Heads. All issues requiring urgent attention are to be communicated through the Directors.’’

The staffs were also cautioned to work in clean environments although they have no gloves and masks as the circular stated,’’ Each and every office must have sanitizers procured by the Ministry. Surfaces such as (desks, tables and door handles) and objects (telephones, keyboards etc) need to be wiped with disinfectant and fumigated as may be necessary. The staff members need to wash their hands regularly.’’

Workers have also expressed their concerns on their working conditions especially that they are required to travel to Chinhoyi for a training workshop on Sunday.

An employee that preferred anonymity said, ‘We will not deny that we want money but at this time with this global pandemic we do not want to travel to Chinhoyi maybe our superiors should look into their circular where they suggested postponing of meetings and gatherings, in particular especially those that attract the attendance by people exceeding recommended figures as we will be 40 at most excluding the venue employees that will definitely expose us to the Coronavirus we are scared.”

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