Govt In Ambitious Electric Car Campaign…As It Fails To Contain Fuel Prices

HARARE- Government is seriously considering setting up facilities that support the introduction of electric cars in the country amid latest fuel price hikes, a Cabinet Minister has revealed.

by Thomas Mupfuka

Energy Minister Fortune Chasi said Government will soon announce the incentives that will help in the uptake of the cars as the Southern African country struggles to contain fuel shortages.

“Government supports the introduction of electronic cars. As such, the necessary incentives will be announced soon and the infrastructure will be installed at service stations and along the highways,” he said on his microblogging site.

Since 2009, the government has been struggling to contain the influx of second-hand vehicles mostly from Japan, resulting in increased demand for fuel.

Foreign currency shortages have seen the country struggle to supply fuel, with long ques becoming the order of the day since October last year. This is despite increasing the price of fuel multiple times to chase the dollar after Government ditched the fictitious parity between the US dollar and local currency.

Meanwhile, fuel prices continue going up every week on the back of depreciation of the ZWL$ against the US$.

In a statement released by energy industry regulator ZERA, diesel per litre now costs ZWL$ 10.45 whilst blended petrol now cost $9.95 per litre from $10.25 and $9.86 respectively.

However, the announcement fully promote electric cars is likely to be one of those Government ambitious projects that will be shelved indefinitely due to funding constraints as the high cost of electric vehicles is also a major hurdle.

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