Govt Forced To Backtrack On Fuel Blending

After serious  warning shots last year, of increasing the mandatory blending from the current 15% to a controversial 20%, Government has been incapacitated and  forced to backtrack to 10% a move motorists will most likely welcome.

The energy and power  development minister Mr Dzikamai Mavhaire announced that “ The blending of petrol with ethanol has been progressing very until recently when a lot of rain made it impossible to harvest cane from ethanol production leading to strained supplies.”

The joy of course will only be short lived as government has stated a natural cause as a reason to slow down he process.

Motorists and experts have raised serious engine concerns against increasing the blend content, a call which government has completely ignored.

Hon Mavhaire stated that “ this supply constrain resulted in the stocks that had been anticipated to take care of inevitable short production interruptions being reduced  to very low levels.”


Government announced that with such a scenario, it has relaxed the blending of petrol from 15% to 10%  until adequate supplies have been stocked.

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