Gvt Applauds Oyos For Curbing Piracy

Government on Friday gave local website designing company Zimhost’s online music store division Oyos a pat on the back for coming up with an initiative that helps combat piracy, while more importantly accords supportive Zimbabweans to support the local music industry.

Many musicians are losing out on music sales and now turn to gigs as a revenue stream. Speaking at the launch of the platform  ICT, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira lauded the Oyos team for incorporating homegrown local payment platforms.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

One of the biggest problems of selling via a platform like this has been the method of payment. A lot of our people don’t have visa, mastercard, paypal, but the integration that you have done, with other payment platforms like Ecocash,One Wallet and other platforms mentioned here, makes like easier, for our people they are using Ecocash, Telecash, they are using One Wallet.

said the minister.

The Minister noted how archaic the reliance of cash has been globally.

“Cash is no longer fashionable in many countries across the globe because people don’t need cash. Zimbabwe has the highest penetration of mobile telephones. More than 105 percent which means we can now use our mobile phones as our wallet.

“We can now use our mobile phones as our cash. So we don’t need people waking up at 3 queuing up for cash. We don’t need cash,” he said.

Zimhost Senior project manager Pearson Pfavayi said they serve Zimbabwean musicians only.

“Oyos focuses on the Zimbabwean niche market. Here is how we do things differently. I know there are a number of platforms that have tried to do a similar concept. We believe that there is need to concentrate on the Zimbabwean market.

“So you won’t find items from Justin Bieber or Dolly Patton  its purely Zimbabwean because we are here to promote homegrown music,” he said.

Pfavayi also said they have put in all the payment gateways known in ZImbabwe for people to buy music on Oyos.

“… Our platform as well, what makes it different is that it comes integrated with all payment plugins, that means your local payment and international payment platforms. So you’ve got your ecocash, telecash, your mastercard, visacard, your paypal and your paynow. So that means we get to cover all corners of the world. So anyone from anywhere is able to buy music on the platform.

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