Govt Endorses mLearning for Education


The minister of primary and secondary education Hon Lazarus Dokora weighed in  his support and commitment towards  the current digital revolution, embracing technology for the educational sector as a critical component for the sector.

Speaking during the official launch of mlearning, a new mobile package by e-learning, The Hon minister said this falls well within the government`s policy as they accelerate the use of ICTs  and envision to have ICTs being taught at an entry level of 4 years for each and every Zimbabwean child.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Minister Dokora said ” before the year 2014 ends, we should have ICT based conferences to take up this mlearning initiative and it is our plan to start training students from as early  four years, availing the relevant gadgets to all students”.

The minister articulated that ICTs  are only a platform and gadgets to support the technology should be availed across all sectors and offer equal opportunities  for both technologically related training and non technologically related.

“We receive numerous queries and concerns from various schools that ICT facilities are only beiing offered to technology related courses while that should not be the case, ICT labs and gadgets are only enablers to education and all students  should have equal access to them”

The minister said that government is targeting 140 000 teachers as they seek to train the trainer and also  need to bring a solution to the power issue as they deal with the issue of empowering the teachers in ICT .


Adding his voice, the CEO of eLearning, Mr Itai Masimirembwa said “Currently Zimbabwe has over 140 000 teachers and only 2000 have been  trained so far by the elearning  program not just on the ability to teach computers but aligning them with the morden technologies and empowering the teacher with the relevant information.”


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