Government To Issue Electronic Learners Test In Shona, Ndebele In The Next Few Months


Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Felix Mhona has revealed governments plan to issue the Electronic Learners Test in vernacular languages in the next few months.

Addressing the media on Tuesday at the Cabinet Post Briefing, Mhona said government is working tirelessly in achieving vision 2030 of not leaving anyone and any place behind due to language barrier.

“The nation is informed that in an effort to promote inclusivity and in line with the His Excellency the President’s mantra of not leaving anyone and any place behind, Government has translated and printed the Highway Code into Shona and Ndebele.

“No one will henceforth be hindered studying the Highway Code and subsequently acquiring a driver’s licence due to language barrier. Electronic learners licence tests will be available in Shona and Ndebele within the next few months,” said Mhona.

In April 2022 Minister of Transport assigned Midlands State University (MSU) through its department of Languages to translate the Highway Code into the country’s 16 official languages.

Minister Mhona also highlighted that the Licencing system would also be extended to a pictorial form to cater for the illiterate.

He also reiterated that the project would be implemented in tandem with the harmonization of the SADC signage protocol which carries with, some carriage way markings danger warning signs among other compliant issues, in the protocols.

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