Government Moves in to Mordernise Traffic Fine Payments

Government will soon launch a project where they seek to introduce advanced traffic signals, robots and a new electronic payment system to be used by public.

Speaking in an interview with Star FM, a Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe official  noted that together with the government, they agreed it was time they modernised technology to monitor traffic. 

“We are now coming up with a new form of roadblocks that is efficient and corrupt free. We are coming up with arrangements where even those fined can now pay their fines through Ecocash and other money transacting agencies,” he said.

This move comes  at a time when government  has launched an upgrade of the highway code which motorists both old and new have been urged to read understand and adhere.

During the launch of the  upgraded high way code, Transport and Infrastructural development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo described the need for better understanding of the road rules as well as better services and monitoring of the daily motorist.

Both move comes hot on the heels of a a tragic accident that occurred along the Harare-Masvingo highway which claimed over 20 lives.

“It is hoped that the introduction of these more technologically improved resources will help the police do the duties conveniently as well as solve the mayhem that is currently in the transport sector.

“We as the government have to exercise our mind and through the ministry, we have asked the republic police to adopt all the stated out issues and new developments,” he said.

According to some motorists, the adoption of the electronic payment system will be a welcome move in an already cash stricken society.

“Within the next three to six months, the country should expect to see a totally different excise on our road,” said the TSCZ official.

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