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Google targets a carbon free environment by 2030


Google has announced that it is targeting to be a carbon free environment by year 2030 as part of its effort to demonstrate its position in a world that has become increasingly digitally linked.

Highlighting during a virtual Developer Conference, the company said it has introduced load shifting to transfer loading to the periods when it is least harmful to the environment.

Furthermore the company said that data centers will be served by a new geothermal plant. It will be heated and cooled using Dragonscale solar panels.

The American multinational technology company further said it is going to update some of its services including Maps and Google Photos and the operating service itself.

Below is the list of services Google is going to update:

Google Photos

Google Photos will now have a feature that allows you to store photos in a password-protected space on your device. When you scroll through the app, these images will not appear.

It will be available first on Google Pixel and then later on other Android devices.

Google Photos is getting some eye-catching new “cinematic moments,” which combine two photos to produce a moving picture.

Google is also introducing new Memories, such as those focused on visual trends in your images.

Google Maps Live View augmented reality tool.

Google Maps is undergoing several updates, including the addition of new functionality for its Live View augmented reality tool.

Google is also introducing new features to make maps more informative, such as displaying various restaurants at different times of day, pointing out local landmarks if you’re visiting a new city, and displaying how busy a certain area is.

Google’s password manager

Google also confirmed that users would be able to adjust a website’s stored password directly from Google’s password manager.

In the United States, it’s starting to roll out to Chrome on Android, and it’ll be widely accessible in the coming months.

Digital car keys

Starting with Android 12, Google will allow “pick Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones” to function as digital car keys.

The function supports UWB and NFC, but so far, only BMW has stated that it will support Android’s digital car key.

Smart Canvas

Google unveiled “smart canvas,” a new project for its Workspace office platform that will make collaborating across products easier.

The project will allow you to connect to other Workspace apps, and you can start a Meet video call directly from a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide.

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