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Google Play reduces its commissions from 30% to 15%.


Google Play commissions will be decreased globally for developers who offer in-app digital products and services on its flagship store, the company announced, following a similar change by Apple in 2020.

After a year with revenue over $1 million, Google will charge developers the usual 30 percent fee for in-app purchases and downloads.

According to Google, 99 percent of developers who offer products and services via Play will see a 50 percent decrease in fees.

Also, 97 percent of users worldwide do not sell digital goods or pay any subscription fees.
The move would fix some of the developer concerns about app stores and their prices.

However, some of the concerns have come under fire from regulators due to their influence over mobile operating systems and the fees they charge developers.

“With this move, 99 percent of developers worldwide who offer digital products and services via Play will see a 50 percent reduction in fees,” Google VP Sameer Samat wrote in a blog post.

“These are funds that can assist developers in scaling up at a crucial stage of their development by recruiting more engineers, expanding their marketing teams, growing server space, and other activities.”

Crucial Kuwanga

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