Google phishing hack! Don't click that link‼

If you got an email yesterday, sharing a Google Docs file with you, don’t click it – you may accidentally hand over your Gmail inbox and your contacts to a mystery attacker.

The malicious email contains what appears to be a link to a Google Doc file.

This leads to a legitimate page asking you to authorize “Google Docs” to access to your Gmail account.

Once you do allow it to access your account, it grabs your contacts, inbox and sends out more spam to all your contacts.

Google Docs statement on Twitter

The attack has spread like wildfire, and is already at an inbox near you!

If you already clicked the link, you need to go back to your Google account and “Revoke Access” to the app. To do that:

1. Go to your Google account management page here:
2. If you see an app called Google Docs, click on it to opt to revoke permission for the app to access your account.
3. Then change your password, just to be safe.


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