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Google Launches New Social Network : Keen

Search engine giant Google on Thursday launched a new social network , being considered as a rival to Pinterest dubbed Keen which will be available on the web and on Android

The new  feature is a service that lets people save items related to their interests , share their keens and explore a similar feature to Pinterest.

It also allows the  collection of  ideas about whatever topics you’re interested in and pin them to boards that give you access to what you have gathered and to pin boards. 

Here is how Keen should function, according to Keen co-founder CJ Adams:

It’s possible to curate for other people or yourself. You may use Keen to construct a collection of your best resources on a subject you know well and discuss it with people who’d relish your curation As my wife discovered resources to help me understand about birding. The keens could be private or public, so that you control that will donate and what is shared.

In other words, Keen is networking that Google can use to mine extra data on your own. 

For every keen you create, we use the latest and Google Search in machine learning to stay on the lookout for useful content. 

The further you arrange it and save to a keen, the higher the recommendations become. 

Even when you’re not an expert on a topic, you can start curating a sharp and keep a few exotic “gems” or links that you find useful. These pieces of articles act like seeds and help Keen discover more related and more content as time passes. 

You might even follow keens that others have created, receiving alerts when new items are added and finding tens of thousands of lists that are hand-curated in the community. (google keen).

Keen comes from Google Region 120 team, and it’s now available on the internet and on smart phones.

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