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Google launches Live Caption for Chrome users


Google has launched a Live Caption for Chrome users aiming to get real time captions for audio such as videos, podcasts phone and video calls.

In a statement confirmed by XDA, the feature which was only available on the Pixel 2 and then on a small number of Android devices, is now available in stable Chrome 89.

Users can also get real-time captions for audio messages, as well as content they record themselves, with Live Caption.

All captions are stored locally, and they are never saved or sent outside of the unit.

Users of Chrome 89 should go to Settings > Advanced > Accessibility to allow Live Captions; users may also need to download speech recognition files.

“At the moment, it only recognizes and transcribes audio in English, but more languages will hopefully be added in the future.

A Live Caption toggle will appear in the Chrome toolbar, enabling you to easily turn on/off the feature without having to search through the Settings.”

In an official blog post, Google also confirmed that Chrome will receive a range of updates, including “faster loading tabs and new functionality that help users organise and locate them easily.

Crucial Kuwanga

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