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Google adds a fact check feature for images


Google has introduced a fact checking feature to Google images as part of its efforts to curb visual misinformation.

Google hopes that the newly implemented feature will help combat the spread of misinformation presented in images that may have been manipulated or abused to influence or confuse users.

From a blog post  by the companies Product Manager Harris Cohen  explained that the new feature.

“Photos and videos are a great way to help people understand what’s happening in the world. But there are pitfalls in the power of visual media, especially if you have questions about image origin, authenticity, or context. there is.” 

“From today, we’ll be publishing fact-checking information for Google Image Search globally to help people navigate through these issues and make more informed decisions about what they see on the Web.”

“Now when you search Google image, You may see a “fact check” label below the result in the thumbnail image,” he  said.

“Tap on one of these results to see a larger version of the image, and you’ll see a summary of the fact checks that appear on the underlying web page. These labels are the fact check articles for a particular image. Please check articles that have images in their stories that may appear in both facts.”

Google said the new label does not affect search rankings: “Our system ensures that the most relevant and authoritative information available, including from sources that provide fact checks, is displayed. It’s designed,” said Cohen.

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