Gondwana Unveils Auto-Provisioning VSAT Service.

Pan-African telecommunications provider, Gondwana International Networks (GIN) has announced Africa’s first roll-out of Satmotion from Integrasys, a leading manufacturer of carrier monitoring systems and VSAT commissioning tools. Satmotion, is an award-winning VSAT Auto-Commissioning tool that enhances the delivery, commissioning and maintenance of VSAT services, while also minimising OPEX, time and interferences.

The telco provider’s Chief Technology Officer Guy Schalker said  that the rollout of Satmotion is not only a first for the continent, but is also an exciting departure within the telecoms industry, as installers are empowered to autonomously point and adjust users’ antennas and streamline the overall commissioning of VSAT solutions.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

“By simply installing an App on a Smartphone, whether Apple or Android, the VSAT installation capabilities are simplified making installation easy regardless of the installers’ level of experience. This not only reduces the installation time and associated costs, but more importantly means the customer is installed accurately first time with optimised polarisation,” he saiHe added that GIN has rolled this technology out, together with Hughes Network Systems’ JUPITER platform, to ensure the customer experience is enhanced.

“Satmotion is a scalable solution that delivers optimal line-up with minimum interference. It is ideal for global networks and high throughput networks,” said Schalker.

Gondwana CTO Guy Schalker

Gondwana CTO Guy Schalker

The big benefit for GIN is not only providing customers with Africa’s first auto-provisioning VSAT solution, but also ensures it’s a first-time right installation.

Integrasys Sales Director Alvaro Sanchez expressed his delight in putting Satmotion on the African map.

“GIN is the only service provider that has such innovative technology on the African continent. We are proud of Satmotion as this technology allows users to commission a VSAT solution faster, while maximising the performance of the IDU and ensuring no reinstallations are required,” he said.

GIN is a Pan-African communications service company and one of the largest VSAT Operators in Africa through its operating brands, AfricaOnline and iWayAfrica. The Group has subsidiaries in 10 countries including Zimbabwe on the continent and offers services in an additional 34 countries via its distributor channel partners.

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